$2 for $1 Matching campaign

If not us, THEN WHO? If not now, THEN WHEN? 

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SaddleBrooke is a senior community located between Oracle and Catalina. The "Network" was formed 7 years ago by 5 ladies to rehabilitate and rehome unwanted pets. Now, many dedicated volunteers serve to help Tucson's homeless and helpless pets. We...

  • socialize pets at Pima Animal Care Center weekly, 
  • work with local rescues to find furever homes, and
  • fundraise to help PACC and local rescues with medical and other emergency needs.

​In 7 years, thanks to our amazing community, we've re-homed 800+ animals, donated $87,000 & volunteered over 23,000 hours. Visit www.sbpetrescue.com. ​The Network will not profit from this fundraiser.  100% of proceeds goes to vets of participating groups. ​​

Bonnie Kay very generously supported the campaign in 2016 and 2017, but in 2018 she is co-sponsoring the fundraiser to double the matching grant up to $15,000. Bonnie was always interested in social justice having received her Masters in Social Work. Her passion for animals came to the forefront when she owned a horse farm. Bonnie is intimately involved in many aspects of Tucson's animal welfare communication to include: 

Bonnie had served on the Board of Animal Welfare Alliance of Southern Arizona (AWASA) for 11 years. She also volunteers and donates to many animal groups including Equine Voices, Theraputic Riding of Tucson, Humane Society of Southern AZ, Pima Animal Care Center, Hermitage Cat Shelter, Cody's Friends, Pima Paws for life, SOS Cat Rescue, Tucson Cares, Hearts that Purr, and ASAVET Charities (a veterinary non-profit group), and many others.  

Genesis of this fundraiser

We are witness to hundreds of Tucson's rescue volunteers, most with full time jobs, spend every spare moment saving, healing, and rehoming pets. There's no time to fundraise to pay vet care but the rescue system comes to a screeching halt without medical care. 

It was early 2016 with a great year of fundraising behind us - thanks to the SaddleBrooke community - we considered how to best impact local rescues with $10,000. When we talked with a local vet, we learned that they carried over $12,000 in debt for their rescues! With a little research, we found that 14 rescues had over $240,000 of vet expenses in a single year. 

That's when we knew the destiny of our donations... to help pay vet expenses and we decided to reach out to the Tucson community to make the impact even bigger. With a $1 fur $1 match using our $10 ,000 we sought another $10,000 in donations from our pet loving city.  On July 15, 2016, we launched Tucson's 1st city-wide, multi-group pet rescue fundraiser. It was a huge goal but when pet lovers join together, we can do anything.In 45 days, we exceeded our goal and donated $22,350 to 14 local rescue vet accounts. In 2017, the Network continued the campaign but with a $15,000 match and Tucsonians generously donated  so we sent $30,991 to payoff vet debt!

In 2 years, this campaign donated $53,341 to local pet rescue to help pay their vet expenses.